Thursday, February 21, 2008

Damn Cereals! Who needs those anyway?

Here comes my one and only ding. No love from Kellogg. Yes, I am disappointed, despite having been admitted to all other schools. Obviously my ego would have become even more inflated with an admit from Kellogg.

I am trying to tell myself that things would have become even more difficult with an admit from Kellogg - and that is obviously true - but still... having the luxury of choice is better than being dinged.

Interesting by the way, that Kellogg was the last application I turned in. Although I did begin with the Kellogg essays at the start of my essay writing (I read that in the Montauk book), I finished all other applications before going back over the Kellogg essays. So one would think that the Kellogg application was the one that I wrote with the most experience under my belt. Seems like this didn't really help my case.

Anyhow, this leaves me more time with friends in San Francisco when I fly over to Days at Haas. Now the question is whether to go to Haas or Tuck. Although I will pay Ross a visit also, just to see what I will be missing.

Good luck to all other Kellogg applicants waiting for a decision. I think Ding-season is over, so your admits should be on the way.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Booked my ASW flights

Here I come admitted student weekends!

Booked my flight to San Francisco and back from Boston, which means I will attend Haas' and Tuck's ASW and check out Michigan and Kellogg in between.

I liiiiiike.

I got direct flights for relatively cheap. Sweet.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relationships and business school

I have always been wondering how people deal with their relationships when it comes to going to business school. I realize many Americans get married early (in their early twenties) and it is natural for them to take their wife/husband with them to business school.

But what about all you other folks?

You might either be in a relationship that is semi-serious, which would provide you with the question of how to proceed when you go to business school. Will you continue and have a long-distance relationship? (I am assuming your biz school is not around the corner) What are the prospects of that working out? And does the chance of it working out correlate with the distance between the two partners?

Or you might be single, living the life, dating. What do you tell people on your first dates? That you will be off to business school in a few months? Not really a good selling proposition. What do you do if you meet someone special? Do you just let it go and not enter a relationship?

EDIT: BusinessWeek has picked up the topic from me and published an article.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Banker? Consultant? Brander?

Nice work Fuqua people. :)

Friday, February 8, 2008

In at Tuck!

Okay, although I wasnt so sure about Tuck, they did admit me.

Well... this situation is getting increasingly difficult. However, I think Ross is now out of the game as Tuck is probably the better school when you compare the two.

Now, if Haas doesn't come around with some $$$ and Kellogg admits me, it will be between Tuck and Kellogg.

Although, I guess I should make this decision based on how I feel about the schools when I go to visit them in April. Admitted students week at Haas is 10-12 April, Tuck 18-20 of April. Haas wants a decision by the 15th. (they will have to extend that for me)

Kellogg's admit weekend coincides with Tuck's so that one is going to be difficult. I will have to visit one of the schools on a non-admit weekend day. Which will obviously make a big difference, I assume.

Aaaahh choices...if someone had told me 9 months ago I would have this choice, I would have seriously questioned his sanity.

Where would you guys go?

Obviously the best weather is to be found at Cal. Plus, they have the tech bonus and the Valley is around the corner. But they didnt give me any money. I think I got the money for the pretty strong GMAT score that is quite unusual for a candidate from my country. I think I would have gotten in at the schools that gave me one with a weaker GMAT score, but then they wouldnt have shelled out the cash. So passing up on those offers sort of feels like not taking full advantage of my score. Maybe I am wrong.

Tuck will be the school with the most tight-knit community. Plus they place very strongly in consulting, which is where I want to go. They actually have a better record than Haas in that aspect. And they have great skiing.

Kellogg is the only M7 school of the ones that I applied to and probably the one with the best brand name of all (especially in my home country). Plus, also a super-strong consulting placement record.

This is not an easy one.