Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Two interviews in One Day.

I am not kidding you. I will have my Kellogg alum interview this coming Friday around lunchtime and then my Tuck alum interview later in the afternoon.

Hey, that way I only have to suit up once. ;) Barney (of "How I met your Mother" fame) would of course not be happy. :)

At what point am I right now.

A few days until Christmas. Not much work to do at the office. They will kill the brand I have been marketing the last 12 months and things will change here. A lot. My boss left 8 weeks ago. There has been a better atmosphere at this company, I can tell you. I wish the MBA would begin earlier than fall 08. I cannot switch jobs right now for what would only be a few months, so I will be stuck here until the MBA begins.

And it will begin, because I got my first admit from IESE last week.

All the hard work put into the two GMAT exams I did this year, the TOEFL and the essays as well as the money spent has been worth it. Thank God. I wouldn't have known what to do if not.

Now I am hoping for successful interviews with the remaining schools: Kellogg, Tuck and Haas.

And in January, I hope to get accepted to a few more schools which would allow me to have a choice. Right now, I am leaning a little towards an American school, as I would like the real campus atmosphere of a US biz school. IESE is great, but it's only the business school - no University attached.

Also, I will have to look into financing this endeavour. This will be a tough one. Taking out a €80k loan? Wow. But I guess with my goal of getting into Consulting post-MBA it should be possible to pay back that loan in a decent amount of time.

more on interviews in the next post...

The Story so far...and where you find Part I

Okay. Here I am again.

You know how it is with starting a blog. You write a few posts, then you stop. You use an email address to sign up that you eventually forget. Then Blogger changes to a new system and you cant get your account back, since you lost the email address linked to it. I know that because that is what happened to me.

Where am I now. Why am I writing this?
Not only for the outside world, but also for myself, as I would like to keep some memory of what my thought processes are during this quite exciting time in my life.

I will try to churn out several posts on the various topics that I contemplate these days...

Feel free to comment.